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Agreed Induction Process for New Bradford South Adult Volunteers within a Scout Group

  1. The Group Scout Leader will discuss different roles available and issue any job dscriptions (where appropriate) to potential new adult volunteers. The 'Right People Right Roles' leaflet may be useful.
  2. Once the role is agreed, the GSL will enter the volunteers details on Compass with a suggested start date of 4 weeks ahead, (to allow time for completing a DBS submission and receiving this back).  The Adult Information Form will be useful in gathering the personal information of the volunteer as well as reference details.
  3. The GSL will process a DBS submission after checking the volunteers Identity Documents.  The Identity Checking Form may be useful if not doing the submission with the volunteer using the 'Here & Now' method.
  4. Once a clear DBS has been received back, the GSL will request references (where required) ideally through Compass using the automatic reference request tool.  Alternatively the Reference Request Form should be used.
  5. The GSL will issue an 'Induction Pack' to the volunteer (contents may vary depending on the role).  The Induction Pack for all Leader roles should include: an Induction card, a Yellow 'Young People First' card, a Purple 'Emergency' card, a Green 'Alcohol Policy' card, a list of Group contacts and a list of key District contacts.
  6. The GSL will explain the next stage of the appointments process to the volunteer (this may vary depending on the role).  The GSL will send the references to the Appointments Secretary (where required).
  7. The GSL will explain the 'Getting Started' training modules applicable to the role and how these can be completed.  The links to the online training modules can be found on the training page of the website.  Click here for the Training Links
  8. The volunteer should complete the appropriate 'Getting Started' modules (in the case of uniformed leaders - modules 1 & 3) and print the completion certificates out.  The GSL will complete a witness statement after the volunteer has completed the 'Getting Started' modules and discussed them with the GSL.
  9. The volunteer will be invited to an 'Appointments Interview' (if appropriate to their role) normally by the District Appointments Secretary, and ideally they should take the 'Getting Started' module certificates together with the GSL witness statement to the appointments interview.
  10. After the volunteers role has been approved they will be issued with the details of an appointed 'Training Advisor', who will assist the volunteer in progressing through the relevant training modules (unless their role does not require any further training).
  11. The Induction process including the interview and 'Getting Started' modules should be completed in a maximum of 5 months.

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