We’re thrilled to announce that Jaime Armitage has stepped into the role of District Programme Team Leader! 🌟

Jaime brings a wealth of experience to the table, having been a dedicated member of the Scouting community since 2015. With Jaime on board, get ready for some incredible adventures and memorable experiences for our young scouts within the district.

As part of the programme team, Jaime will be collaborating closely with everyone to ensure that district and group events are nothing short of fantastic. Whether it’s a campfire gathering, a thrilling hike, or an educational workshop, Jaime is committed to making each activity a standout success.

So here’s to Jaime and the entire programme team as we embark on this journey together! Let’s rally our enthusiasm, creativity, and passion to create a vibrant and engaging Scouting experience for all. Together, we’ll make lasting memories and empower our young scouts to thrive.